The Assignment


Anna Bunting
Oakland, CA

Title: Ursus

Number of Copies in Edition: 4
Size: (closed) 4.5"x 10.75"x .5"   (open) 58"x 10.75"
Price: $150

To purchase, please contact Laura at 23 Sandy Gallery.

Medium: Pressure printing, magnet relief printing, handset letterpress on Reeves lightweight paper.

The Assignment

Assignment for myself: Set aside at least one day a week to go to the studio and work. Write a narrative. Plan the layout. Set type. Print. Set your own deadlines. Learn how to be productive on your own. Get to a point where this becomes habit.

I graduated from college this past spring. This book marks the first project I have fully completed since finishing school. The assignment I made for myself was to complete something on my own, without relying on school, help from critiques and teachers, and check-in deadlines.


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