The Assignment


Leilei Guo
Beijing, China

Title: Fairyland

Number of Copies in Edition: 3
Size: 12×10.6×39.3 inches
Number of Pages: 20pages (double side with different silkscreen)

Medium: Silkscreen prints, paper, mirror.

Price: $1200

To purchase, please contact Laura at 23 Sandy Gallery.

The Assignment

Through the living environment to rethink our daily life, and our lifetime.

Artist Statement

My idea of this work comes from my grandfather’s home, which is a very old style building in Beijing. There is a huge space in the center of the building, all the apartments are around this space, so when you are on the first floor (ground) you could see the sky through this space, and if you are on the top of the building, you look down could see what happens in the ground. In the last century, here were lots of this kind of buildings in Beijing. Nowadays, many apartment building will not with this space, because they want much more people lives into one building, that will be good for their business. Every time I look into this space, always thinking people living in many different rooms, some even lives for a life long time, like living in many tiny boxes in this world. People buying an apartment like buying a small space in the air. It seems like people living in a space beyond the ground and heaven. Is that tiny box is our own home in the heart.


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