The Assignment


Paola Horevicz
Daly City, CA

Title: Untitled (Informally Known as The Dream Book.)

Number of Copies in Edition: 20
Size: 3.5 inches wide, 3.75 inches tall, and 1.25 inches deep
Number of Pages: 16

Medium: Letterpress with pressure prints and polymer plates; paper; book board; book cloth.

Price: $325

To purchase, please contact Laura at 23 Sandy Gallery.

The Assignment

The assignment was to create an edition of an artist's book utilizing only letterpress printing techniques.

Artist Statement

I completed this assignment by creating a book that tells the story of a dream I had, in which I saw a magnificent cluster of trees and a solitary cloud with vines growing out of it. As the story unfolds, my desire to want to share this magical sight with a certain person gets stronger and stronger - but it cannot be fulfilled.

The sixteen pages of the book feature text on one side and serve as puzzle pieces, having bits of imagery on the reverse side. As the text is read, the pieces of the puzzle can be put together in order to form the complete picture. The process is representative of attempting to remember and retell a wonderful but cruel dream.


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