The Assignment


Roberta Lavadour
Pendleton, OR

Title: Letters/Lessons

Number of Copies in Edition: 7
Size: 3.5 inches diameter, 1.5 inches high
Number of Pages: 26

Medium: Inkjet on typing paper with paper covered aluminum can enclosure.

Price: $120

To purchase, please contact Laura at 23 Sandy Gallery.

The Assignment

Back in the late 90's I participated in a monthly online book exchange. It was a fairly ambitious format - send five get five - and was a great way to not only be encouraged to complete a project every 30 days, but to also build a nice collection of other artists' work. We received a list of themes several months in advance, so I was always on the lookout for items that might work into a particular month's project. The theme for this month was "circles". The spark of inspiration arrived in a box addressed to my mother-in-law and labeled "as seen on tv". It was a can opener that cut the lids off from the side, which transformed a tuna can into a nice little enclosure for a book.

Artist Statement

My work style has always revolved around the "surround yourself with objects and materials that intrigue and inspire, then wait for a spark that melds them together into a cohesive unit" model. I feel like even when I'm totally distracted by other things in life, my subconscious is continually milling around in my materials room, going through drawer after drawer in the same way I used to poke around in my dad's shop on rainy days. I may be rationalizing a mild hoarding issue, but, it takes time to form connections, and living with these items that have yet to become attached to ideas and one another is important.


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