The Assignment


Julie VonDerVellen
Madison, WI

Title: Syllabus Speech

Number of Copies in Edition: One-of-a-Kind
Size: 24 x 20 inches
Numer of Pages: 1

Medium: Japanese Rice Paper, Silk Organza, Inkjet Print. Paper Weave, Machine-Sewn / Stitched. Includes a custom-made wooden stand and paper mache dress form.

Price: $800

To purchase, please contact Laura at 23 Sandy Gallery.

The Assignment

“Syllabus Speech” was created as part of my Masters of Arts Exhibition. It is one of nine pieces created for the show. The problem statement I set for the series of work was: Create a garment that reads as a book. 

Artist Statement

Garment evokes memory; Memory evokes garment. This "book" tells the story of my first day of teaching. I know exactly what I was wearing while I gave my syllabus speech, therefore I used the garment as the structure for the book. The paper that is weaved includes strips of my syllabus along the design of text from my journal entry of the experience. The paper is weaved to demonstrate how personal stories, memories, and objects all have the potential to entwine.


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