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Mare Blocker
M Kimberly Press
Walla Walla, WA

Every Three Minutes

For the artist, work is an event of confession. It is an act of avowal. The act of confessing is a transformative event, one changes oneself. One cuts from their history, interrupts the continuity of time and makes the truth; their truth. It is the question, does this truth cut the horizon I am on and begin something new? Horizons shift, and reorder themselves. We do not possess our self at once or in one art work, but rather acquire it in layers, or horizons, of events. As a rape survivor, I have been involved in this process of reordering the circular chaos narrative and achieving a restoration narrative for myself. I am concerned with the rate of violent sexual crimes against women and girls in this country and throughout the world. Andrea Dworkin inspired me with her speech “I Want a Twenty-four Hour Truce in Which There is No Rape.”

Disperse dye sublimation, calligraphy ink on watercolor paper. 480-page accordion book. 1 x 960 inches fully extended. 2006. Unique. $750

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