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Patty A. Bruce
Boston, MA

A Cry From The Past

A visual, tactile and auditory experience of the puzzling history of war, hate, and cruelty. This book takes the form of a manipulative puzzle housed in a box symbolic of the barracks in those Nazi death camps of WWII with historical photographs reflective of the days past. It contains authentic WWII memorabilia and when in proximity of the piece the sounds of viscous guard dogs used in these camps sound off.  My purpose is to remind us how “intolerance” has no end, that it is rooted in hate, and cruelty is often a natural outcome of events when hate is unbridled. We cannot allow this to repeat in our future. It must never happen.

Wood, paper, photographs, sound, Holocaust memorabilia, German coins, etc. 8.5 x 6 x 5.5 inches. 2010. Unique. $1800

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