Book Power!


Colin Frazer
Colorado Springs, CO

Days Have Gone By

This book is the artifact of an experimental adventure. It was produced during a residency at Small Craft Advisory Press at Florida State University in February 2010. After camping for a week in the woods and swamps of northern Florida, I endeavored to create a spiritual embodiment of my experience in book form in the hopes that it could connect people to the awesome natural beauty of the panhandle region. The color and pattern are playful, abstract interpretations of the terrain, and the Islamic influences reflect my communion with the indescribable and inutterable. The book also includes a sound module that plays a musical composition based on an algorithmic interpretation of the adventure and is unique in each book.


Leather, Japanese paper, board, sound module, laser and hand cutting, Letterpress. 40 pages. 6 x 7.5 x .5 inches. 2010. Edition of 40. $600

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