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Brandon Graham/
Joseph Lappie
Downers Grove, IL/Davenport, IA

God’s Country

Through the ironic use of format God’s Country questions how dogmatic beliefs apply to contemporary life. This book features two coming-of-age stories in which the protagonists are conflicted about personal feelings and how those feelings are in opposition with their Bible-Belt upbringing. The boy’s personal dilemmas are played out in text, typography and form. The pamphlet’s size and rounded corners could be mistaken for a religious tract. The two short stories—one printed in a narrow vertical column, the other as a narrow horizontal row—are set to resemble the Christian cross. Because of the way the type is set, you can read only one story at a time, and then must turn the book over to read the second story. With each story the horizontal member of the cross moves lower as each story moves forward and as the iron rule of fundamentalism falters.

God’s Country is a collaboration between writer and book artist Brandon Graham and artist Joseph Lappie. Each of them wrote a story then designed the layout and printed it together.         

Letterpress cover, offset printed interior, pamphlet fold booklet. 28 pages. 4 x 5.5 x .25 inches. 2007. Edition of 30.

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