Book Power!


Leilei Guo
Beijing, China


Today the boundaries between people are becoming blurred and even indistinct. People from different countries are living in close proximity and becoming more and more like each other. We can see Westerners in Asia and people from the East in Western countries. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell where we are: New York? Tokyo? Beijing? Paris? Globally, culture is becoming more homogenized, and the boundaries that made us distinct are disappearing. This is reflected in architecture, especially in our large cities. Even as the size of our buildings grow, our living spaces are becoming smaller and smaller. This is the perfect metaphor for what’s happening: our world gets bigger but our individual differences are fading.

Nest reflects these thoughts. The building is a place for people to live, looks like a nest and is a home that other creatures live in. In the city of Beijing, a lot of hard working people are very busy everyday and living in a small and crowded places. In Chinese we call this live environment as “Wo Ju”, and translated in English is “dwelling narrowness”, it is also called “nest live.” I am trying to represent this kind of living situation in my work. When the book fully unfolded, the images in the pictures will become a big round circle; the shape seems like the nest of a snail. Many of the same pictures are repeated and unfold together; and become a new vision at the same time.



Silkscreen Prints. 39 pages. 13.5 x 10.5 x 1.5 inches. 2008. Edition of 2. $1600

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