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Eduardo Hernández Santos • Havana, Cuba
Red Trillium Press • Williamsburg, MA

El Muro: The Wall

Eduardo Hernández Santos made these photographs of homosexuals, transgenders, and crossdressers in the summer of 2005 at Havana, Cuba’s seafront wall. Taken together, the pictures in this book tell a remarkable story of human endurance and triumph. Hernández Santos presents his subjects not as passive players but as people who struggle (though more quietly than not) against discrimination even though such struggle is very risky.


El Muro is a collection of ten offset triptych photographs and two bilingual essays by the artist and the young and insightful Cuban ethnographer Abel Sierra. The offset duotone photographs and text are printed on Shine, luminous mica coated, acid free paper. Three sheets of translucent magenta paper separate the photographs and essays. El Muro is 9 x 13.5 inch opening to 20 inches. 18 leaves (2 pink free end sheets, 1 pink divider, 10 photograph fold outs, 5 text pages) The structure of the book is semi-concealed wire-o binding serving the original triptych design. Edition of 1200. Deluxe edition of 50 includes a signed copy of El Muro and two pigmented-ink portraits signed on verso in a clamshell box. Price: $60 standard edition, $600 deluxe edition.

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