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Paula Jull
Pocatello, ID

Save Burma

I traveled to Burma in 2008 to see its Buddhist sites and meet the people. I was moved by the quiet dignity of a people who are abused and disenfranchised by a ruthless government. We went to a small school to donate pencils and books, because there is no support. A man approached me in the night at a market, wanting to tell me how terrible the government, taking great risk to do so. There are many stories. The photographs in this book are mine, depicting four groups: monks, men, women and children who suffer in different ways in Burma. The words come from Save Burma UK.

Giclee print on Moab Somerset paper with some hand coloring. Accordion with floating pages. 22 pages. 5 x 6.75 x .75 inches. 2010. Edition of 3. $300

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