Book Power!


Elaine Langerman
Washington DC

Book #13: Child Soldiers

This book, a departure from my other, more lighthearted books, was created in response to a request from an art dealer who wished to put together a book exhibit about war. At that time, there was a former child soldier coming forward detailing his history and how he escaped and was rehabilitated. For me, childhood innocence, the pure state we were all born into, is a very precious state, and those who violate it are, to put it mildly, very, very difficult to understand and to have compassion for. Their crime, I believe, is especially heinous. So this became the subject of my book about war. I feel that in acknowledging the plight of these suffering children, I myself become more aware of these horrors, and perhaps others will too, so that they may be eased.

Each page was composed in Photoshop, based on text and images culled from the internet. Pages digital prints laminated onto BFK Reeves paper. 16 pages. 6 x 6.625 inches. 2006. Unique. $250

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