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Bonnie Thompson Norman
The Windowpane Press
Seattle, WA

An Activist’s Tablet: Prescriptions for Doing Good in the World

An Activist’s Tablet is something of a play on words as it is intended as a Prescription for Doing Good in the World. It is a series of broadsides with exhortations to vote, give, help, etc., in a “tablet format” and it is hoped that each sheet will be pulled off and posted as instructed on the title page...Take One and Pass It On. (The pun here is obvious, I hope...a prescription for a pill or tablet...broadsides bound in a tablet format, take one, etc., etc.)

A series of nine broadsides letterpress printed on a Vandercook SP15 in one, two or three colors with some hand coloring using handset wood type and various other handset types in different fonts and sizes. Hand bound in a tablet format. 6 x 13 inches. 2010. Edition of 22. $45

To purchase, please contact Laura at 23 Sandy Gallery.





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