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Christina Troxel
Los Osos, CA

Sex Worker

This book explores the sex-for-sale industry from the sex workers point of view. My interest in exploring this started when I was in Las Vegas with my husband and we were peppered with hand-out cards for prostitutes on virtually every corner. The cards showed mostly girls offering just about anything. It was ubiquitous, and it was happening right in the middle of this glitzy Disneyland atmosphere surrounded by families and kids. This book is an attempt to show the odd contrast between reality and perception in the sex industry.

Contrary to the ugly stereotypes of prostitutes as fallen women, drug addicts, or disease carriers, sex workers are women at work - supporting children as single parents, trying to save money to go to school, surviving economically in a job market that underpays women at every economic level. It is a hard, gritty life; not the life of Elliot Spitzer’s call girls.

Cloth, faux fur and suede. This is a chocolate box-style case structure with a lift-out tray, one soft cover perfect-binding book, and four triangle fold-accordion booklets. 8 x 10 x 2 inches. 2009. Unique. SOLD!




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