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Elsi Vassdal Ellis
EVE Press
Bellingham, WA

Iraq War Ledger

The current Iraq war is too large to be contained in one book or one format. Iraq War Ledger is different from my previous books in that this one is an on-going edition. If compelled to add more data to the war ledger, all I have to do is unscrew the posts and add to the accounts and I will do this until the last book in the edition is sold. The narrative addresses Walter Reed and the problems soldiers faced when trying to get the health care they needed. It addresses the problem female soldiers face in a war with two "front" lines or two enemies. The complexities of the war are superficially presented, acknowledging the fact that when you go to war, you don't always intend to win, but to mess things up big time and in a way, win by achieving a hidden objective.

Inkjet on Mowawk 100# text; album binding with screw posts; amate and book cloth. Currently at 34 pages. 14 x 8.25 inches. 2007. Edition of 50. $150

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