Bill Dean
Portland, Oregon

He Always Sees Numbers in His Head (top) 9" x 11" x 3"
Quite Whisperings (bottom) 9" x 11" x 3" (SOLD)

To inquire about purchasing this work
please contact Laura at 23 Sandy.

Artist Statement

While haunting yard, garage and estate sales, I often notice a peculiar object that captures my interest. This “chosen piece” triggers the memory of some hidden object in a box or on a shelf in my studio. Once united, the play and magic starts by adding or subtracting additional elements. This associative process results in a “finished” assemblage piece. My uses of titles are the final step in adding one more possible layer of meaning. Above all else I hope my artworks sets the stage for a private narrative with the viewer.

My Patron Saints are:  John Cage, Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Cornell.

Artist Biography

Bill Dean is a mixed media artist that lives and works in Portland, Oregon. He has given up all hope of understanding why he needs to appropriate photographic images and the odd pits and pieces that shape the stories he tells.

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