Heidi Kirkpatrick
Portland, Oregon

Sun Clothed Woman (top)
Book of Knowledge and Reference (center)
Spiral (bottom)

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Artist Statement

souvenir \ sü-v?-ni(?)r \ n, act of remembering: something that serves as a reminder: MOMENTO

This body of works evolves from life, like most art. Being a woman in today’s society, feeling the pressures of “the perfect”. The perfect life, the perfect body, the perfect marriage, the perfect job. Always trying to fit the mold. You will find these women cramped in these small spaces, some fragmented, and always confined in the vessels of “Souvenirs”.

Artist Biography

Heidi L. Kirkpatrick, an established fine art photographer, based in Portland Oregon has exhibited widely over the last ten years. Kirkpatrick’s work often depicts a view of the world experienced by women. Kirkpatrick develops her own images, including silver gelatin printing, photographs using a Holga toy camera, transparent images on film and 3-D mixed media objects. In addition to being an experienced mid-career artist, Kirkpatrick teaches high school photography at the Northwest Academy as well. Kirkpatrick is currently represented by the Alysia Duckler Gallery in Portland, Oregon,  G. Gibson Gallery in Seattle, Washington, and WhiteBird Gallery in Cannon Beach Oregon.

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