Dear Friends,

I dropped a tiny hint in my most recent newsletter that said 10 years in the gallery has “been a page-turner of a journey and I can't wait for the next chapter.” Well, the time for the next chapter has come and I am very excited to share the news with you.

As you know, 23 Sandy is a two-pronged operation. First, the art gallery, which has hosted 91 exhibitions over the last 10 years. Second, the traveling book dealer selling artist books to libraries and museums.

Steve and I have loved living in the house behind the gallery and the low overhead of owning the building has made for a wonderful business for each of those 10 exciting years. But things change and the time has come to sell the building. That means the gallery side of the operation is now closed. I am planning to take a sabbatical from exhibitions for a year and am looking forward to finally finding studio time for my own books.

The good news is that the book dealer side of the business will continue. Here’s what I have planned:

Words cannot express my deep gratitude for your part in this incredibly rich experience. I feel so fortunate to work in this exciting field. Your support means so much in so many ways. It was my dream to bring an art-gallery-level "cred" to book art and hopefully that has helped advance our field. Thank you for your help making that dream come true. I’m very excited about the future.

Have a good day,