Now Showing: Fresh!

A Curated Collection of New Works from Gallery Inventory
On view through April 12, 2014

This month we are showcasing a fresh crop of new works from gallery inventory. As winter wanes here in the Pacific Northwest, thoughts turn to spring and it seems time to showcase the fresh crop of amazing new works that have come into the gallery recently.

A trip to Utah to attend the College Book Arts Association conference in January meant a chance to meet the amazingly talented Casey Gardner of Set in Motion Press. After cultivating a new friendship with Casey, I was very pleased when she wanted to plant her work at 23 Sandy. Her books are visually stunning, her letterpress skills rock solid and her smart concepts are incredibly well rounded and researched. It is such an honor to show you her work this month.

In Utah I also had the great fortune to meet Jaime Lynn Shafer. This Corcoran College book arts major has created a terrific movable book titled Mix and Match Families that will make your ponder the reality of families today.

Another new work is The Cycle of Censorship by California artist Dina Scheel. This moving, movable book was created for the Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here project and debuted here in Portland on March 5th during an event marking the bombing of Al Mutanabbi street, the center of the literary community in Baghdad. Portland was one of 27 cities around the world, including Cairo, Egypt, with readings organized to commemorate this terrible event. Click here to learn more about Portland’s event and the project in general.

March is Women's History Month and that brings Ellen Knudson's book titled American Breeding Standards. This beautifully designed and crafted book "explores the systemized rules about what comprises a good or bad horse, a good or bad woman—and the steps one might take to achieve the breed standard." A humorous ways to think of women and how far we've come—or haven’t.

Two new works by artist James Allen round out our fresh featured works. I can't stop talking about James and his complex book excavations. The ways he plows the pages of books to grow an entirely new piece of art is fascinating. Check out his World Theater and Closely Related Movements of Birds here.

Also included in this fresh crop of books are works by Anne Covell, Marian Crane, Kyoko Matsunaga, Sharon McCartney, Heidi Neilson, Bea Nettles, Michael Peven, Sarah M. Smith, Andrew Topel, Beata Wehr, Linda Welch and Thomas Parker Williams.

So, you can tell spring fever is hitting hard in these parts. Here’s hoping we can all get out and till our creative gardens soon.

Click here to see the entire Fresh curated collection of new works.

And, think spring!

Image credits top to bottom: Casey Gardner, Threshold. Dina Scheel, The Cycle of Censorship. James Allen, Closely Related Movements of Birds.